A Pirate's Life for Me!


Before sending you on this mission, Captain St. Claire sits you all down in the war room. She explains what her uncle is up to.

“There is a treasure. A treasure so great that most men would die to find it. And they have. It’s the Treasure of the Stars. (Anyone who rolls a knowledge history check of 20 or greater has heard of this.) What is unknown is that it is MY family’s treasure, passed down for centuries now. The only one who will ever have access to the treasure is the heir to the St. Claire line. Currently, this is me. My uncle was to be wed to a beautiful woman about 30 years ago. When he brought her home, however, my father and her fell in love. She left Abernathy for my father, married him, and became my mother. My uncle never forgave my father, and turned to a life of evil and sought revenge. When I was born, everything changed, or so it seemed. He decided when I was 10 to take me on as an apprentice. We sailed for 8 years together, him showing me everything he knew about being a good and decent pirate. As I grew, I could not shake the feeling he was hiding something from me. As it turns out, he only wanted my family’s treasure. He tried to force my father to tell him the whereabouts, threatening my life. They fought, swords blazing, and I jumped in to save my father, who had been wounded. Abernathy was the first life I ever took. Or so I thought, until now. Now he has taken my little sister in a ploy to have me retrieve all of the necessary components for unlocking the treasure. There are five, of which we have two. He cannot retrieve these himself since he is not the heir, but I can charge anyone with the task. Our goal now is to play his little game until we have our opportunity to take him out of the picture, forever.”



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