Bran The God of the Hunt



God of the Hunt, God of Predetors, God of Wolves, The Alpha and Omega

Bran is a two fold aspect with both good and evil sides. This does not mean the good side is a white wolf while the black side is the evil. When referred to as one god Bran is a neutral, genderless entity. Both sides are hunters, but have different aspect of the hunt.

When refereeing to the individual sides they have their own names.

Two fold Aspect

Means the god is both one and two separate gods. Many celtic deities share the same aspect; for instance the Morrigian.

Argon the white wolf

Female side
Protector of the Forest and Den
Good Predator
Aspect of the Hunt – for food and substance
Alpha side: Leadership
Omega side: community, accepts their punishment

Aurth the black wolf

Male side
Hunter of the Week
Evil Predator
Aspect of the Hunt – for the kill and game
Alpha side: Ruthless Tyrant
Omega side: Loner does not help the pack


Many are druids and woods folk. Some are werewolves (both good and evil).

Those who are part of the order use Spears

Bran The God of the Hunt

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