A Pirate's Life for Me!

Washed-Up Island Treasure
  • jeweled amulets (sirens) x 3
Ghost Tower Loot


  • item subtotal 31,823 gp (will be sold at 50% / 4 team members)
  • 20,000 gp coins
  • 5,000 gp gems
  • gold & goods subtotal 25,000 (10% each)
  • total booty per team member 6,478 gp

Buried with the children


Before sending you on this mission, Captain St. Claire sits you all down in the war room. She explains what her uncle is up to.

“There is a treasure. A treasure so great that most men would die to find it. And they have. It’s the Treasure of the Stars. (Anyone who rolls a knowledge history check of 20 or greater has heard of this.) What is unknown is that it is MY family’s treasure, passed down for centuries now. The only one who will ever have access to the treasure is the heir to the St. Claire line. Currently, this is me. My uncle was to be wed to a beautiful woman about 30 years ago. When he brought her home, however, my father and her fell in love. She left Abernathy for my father, married him, and became my mother. My uncle never forgave my father, and turned to a life of evil and sought revenge. When I was born, everything changed, or so it seemed. He decided when I was 10 to take me on as an apprentice. We sailed for 8 years together, him showing me everything he knew about being a good and decent pirate. As I grew, I could not shake the feeling he was hiding something from me. As it turns out, he only wanted my family’s treasure. He tried to force my father to tell him the whereabouts, threatening my life. They fought, swords blazing, and I jumped in to save my father, who had been wounded. Abernathy was the first life I ever took. Or so I thought, until now. Now he has taken my little sister in a ploy to have me retrieve all of the necessary components for unlocking the treasure. There are five, of which we have two. He cannot retrieve these himself since he is not the heir, but I can charge anyone with the task. Our goal now is to play his little game until we have our opportunity to take him out of the picture, forever.”

Isle in the Sky Loot


  • 11,000 gp
  • 1,000 gp worth of Gems
  • Mundane weapons x 10
  • MW Scimitar
Hag's Shit
The shit the hag's had.

Greater magic fang +1 (potion) 750gp x 2
Robe of Bones
Everwake Amulet

Sloger Morgan
Master Gunner

There’s only one location in the world where Panda Folk live. A valley that is hard to find secluded it doesn’t appear on any map. And shrouded by natural nature magic that flows heavily. Their making it impossible to scry on. Really you can only discover it by accident. When I was young a army of Gnols attacked led by a Man that had a name that I think sounded like Vouse. I only saw glimpses of him as I was caged and crated and stolen from my homeland as an exotic slave. The glimpse of Vouse that I saw I remember he had a patch worked coat made of different leathers. He was missing an eye and his white hair covered his ears. He may be human not sure.

And I was abducted and sold over seas into slavery. I’ve been a servant to nice people, I have been a protector for others, I’ve been a guard for terrible people, but that all changed when i met the captain, She broke my chains and convinced me to take freedom for myself. I owe her my life, that’s why I’m on the ship, To protect her and those on the ship who have become my surrogate family..

I am most likely the kindest and gentlest person on the ship. i believe most conflict can be settled by hugging it out or with alcohol. The rest with my hammer if it comes to that.

i have a pet Turtle Named Franklin

short term goal – fall in love, take a wife,
short term goal- make the i can Best Alcohol

long term goal to become a captain of a boat
long term goal is to find my homeland

What others know?

Connor looks 16 but seems wise beyond is years. Everyone knows that he’s on the ship because he owes the captain. It’s not something he throws in people’s faces it was just one of those things that happened ironically.

He is a born and breed hunter, and doesn’t speak much or even anything at all about his family. Other than that his father is a high ranking wood elf in an unnamed clan, and his mother is a person who deserves “more.”

He is a tattooist and practices the craft in the ancient way of doing it. He specializes in symbols and pushes people to learn what they mean.

He is a worshipper of the Wolf God Bran (I’ll develop this out later), both of the protector and hunter aspect of the god.

By and large he is an eco terrorist, and will kill people to save/rescue forests (think princess mononoke).


Navigator Ace
what the crew know about Her

Tall and lithe, blue grey skin, with deep reflective grey/black eyes. webbing half way up the fingers, and from under the hood occasional glances of pointed ears that seem a cross between elven and fins. has slight fins on her forearms, and calves. also her hair seems more made of scales, and is a green blue color. When sailing is Always keeping her hood up to cover most of her head, to help conceal her sex and wears dark stained tight fitting studded leather armor to do the same. carries what seems like 2 ornate short swords, and seems pretty confident with them. She tries to keep the guise of a male sailor whenever on deck, but the crew knows she is a she. She tends to favor the captain over everyone else, she acts as if she owes her something, but never discusses why, or about anything of her past. When it comes to social interaction with new people, she tends to keep very quiet and tried to sulk away, unless angered, and easily snaps when certain topics come up, I:E slavers and the like. She is also known as an excellent navigator, and well versed in the local waters and land we favor.


Roll a d20 to determine your roll on Amelia’s ship. Also remember that you each get acrobatics as a class skill!

Welcome to your new adventure!

Captain St. Claire is the best Captain any of you have worked for. She is fair, firm and shares all loot with her crew. Each of you are her immediate advisers. She takes your opinions very seriously. If any of you needed anything, she’d be there for you. Now she needs your help. Someone has murdered her entire family. The story you have compiled from asking the witnesses around town is thus:

A week ago a strange looking ship rolled into the Northern Docks very late at night. Dockmaster Seamus was off duty, so one of his workers was there to greet the new ship. It seems before he could even speak he was slain. Another dockworker managed to stifle her screams enough that she could hide behind some crates and watch the ghastly crew emerge from the ship. She had never seen such an array of creatures. She described them as vile, smelly frog like creatures. There seemed to be no leader among those that disembarked. They seemed to know exactly where they needed to go. Other witnesses saw the group head straight for The St. Claire Estate. Breaking down the gate at the entrance, they flooded the property. After hearing screams from adults and the children, they left, carrying a large sack. The group headed back to their ship, victorious. They sailed off into the night.

When word reached Captain Amelia of her families demise, she seemed more enraged than saddened by the news. “I know who did this,” she told you in a private meeting. “I’m taking us home. We’re going to get to the bottom of this.” She went on to explain that you were to go to her estate and investigate while she prepared for her families respective funerals.


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