A Pirate's Life for Me!

Welcome to your new adventure!

Captain St. Claire is the best Captain any of you have worked for. She is fair, firm and shares all loot with her crew. Each of you are her immediate advisers. She takes your opinions very seriously. If any of you needed anything, she’d be there for you. Now she needs your help. Someone has murdered her entire family. The story you have compiled from asking the witnesses around town is thus:

A week ago a strange looking ship rolled into the Northern Docks very late at night. Dockmaster Seamus was off duty, so one of his workers was there to greet the new ship. It seems before he could even speak he was slain. Another dockworker managed to stifle her screams enough that she could hide behind some crates and watch the ghastly crew emerge from the ship. She had never seen such an array of creatures. She described them as vile, smelly frog like creatures. There seemed to be no leader among those that disembarked. They seemed to know exactly where they needed to go. Other witnesses saw the group head straight for The St. Claire Estate. Breaking down the gate at the entrance, they flooded the property. After hearing screams from adults and the children, they left, carrying a large sack. The group headed back to their ship, victorious. They sailed off into the night.

When word reached Captain Amelia of her families demise, she seemed more enraged than saddened by the news. “I know who did this,” she told you in a private meeting. “I’m taking us home. We’re going to get to the bottom of this.” She went on to explain that you were to go to her estate and investigate while she prepared for her families respective funerals.



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