A Pirate's Life for Me!

Sloger Morgan

Master Gunner

There’s only one location in the world where Panda Folk live. A valley that is hard to find secluded it doesn’t appear on any map. And shrouded by natural nature magic that flows heavily. Their making it impossible to scry on. Really you can only discover it by accident. When I was young a army of Gnols attacked led by a Man that had a name that I think sounded like Vouse. I only saw glimpses of him as I was caged and crated and stolen from my homeland as an exotic slave. The glimpse of Vouse that I saw I remember he had a patch worked coat made of different leathers. He was missing an eye and his white hair covered his ears. He may be human not sure.

And I was abducted and sold over seas into slavery. I’ve been a servant to nice people, I have been a protector for others, I’ve been a guard for terrible people, but that all changed when i met the captain, She broke my chains and convinced me to take freedom for myself. I owe her my life, that’s why I’m on the ship, To protect her and those on the ship who have become my surrogate family..

I am most likely the kindest and gentlest person on the ship. i believe most conflict can be settled by hugging it out or with alcohol. The rest with my hammer if it comes to that.

i have a pet Turtle Named Franklin

short term goal – fall in love, take a wife,
short term goal- make the i can Best Alcohol

long term goal to become a captain of a boat
long term goal is to find my homeland



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