A Pirate's Life for Me!

Navigator Ace

what the crew know about Her

Tall and lithe, blue grey skin, with deep reflective grey/black eyes. webbing half way up the fingers, and from under the hood occasional glances of pointed ears that seem a cross between elven and fins. has slight fins on her forearms, and calves. also her hair seems more made of scales, and is a green blue color. When sailing is Always keeping her hood up to cover most of her head, to help conceal her sex and wears dark stained tight fitting studded leather armor to do the same. carries what seems like 2 ornate short swords, and seems pretty confident with them. She tries to keep the guise of a male sailor whenever on deck, but the crew knows she is a she. She tends to favor the captain over everyone else, she acts as if she owes her something, but never discusses why, or about anything of her past. When it comes to social interaction with new people, she tends to keep very quiet and tried to sulk away, unless angered, and easily snaps when certain topics come up, I:E slavers and the like. She is also known as an excellent navigator, and well versed in the local waters and land we favor.



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