A Pirate's Life for Me!


What others know?

Connor looks 16 but seems wise beyond is years. Everyone knows that he’s on the ship because he owes the captain. It’s not something he throws in people’s faces it was just one of those things that happened ironically.

He is a born and breed hunter, and doesn’t speak much or even anything at all about his family. Other than that his father is a high ranking wood elf in an unnamed clan, and his mother is a person who deserves “more.”

He is a tattooist and practices the craft in the ancient way of doing it. He specializes in symbols and pushes people to learn what they mean.

He is a worshipper of the Wolf God Bran (I’ll develop this out later), both of the protector and hunter aspect of the god.

By and large he is an eco terrorist, and will kill people to save/rescue forests (think princess mononoke).



aurorahawk AmandaIaria

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